We don't do scripted ad slots. Only genuine segments / reviews / reactions to your product. This has the best chance to not bore the audience and actually bring you traffic that converts.

If we select your product, Dago will find a creative angle to talk about it in his own style, and make it a real part of the show. Segment will last a couple minutes, depending on the angle. We'll validate with you before airing, and refund if you don't like it.

Price is $399 per episode.

Audience data

Latest episode from November 23rd, 2023 had ~1300 total listens:
  • 650 views to 75% on X (105k impressions of this post)
  • 250 views on youtube
  • 400 downloads on audio podcast apps (apple / spotify / etc)
The show as a whole:
  • 200 subs on audio podcast apps (apple / spotify / etc)
  • 130 subs on youtube
  • every episode is pushed to Dagobert's 85K audience on X
Typical listener:
  • Indie hacker / solopreneur
  • Lives in North America / Western Europe
  • 25-35 years old
  • Male

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